The year is 2015.. June 14th 2015 to be exact. If you read some of the past posts you’d see how crazy i thought things would be by now but its even crazier how things turned out. New people, new job, new projects, new goals, new everything. Today I sit here in Easton, CT figuring…

Anything Could Happen..

Everyone is created unique for a reason.. Death is inevitable and we only have one shot. Be what God says you are. Anything could happen.   #Praise The Recinos Company   I’ve been sitting on this track for 2 or 3 years now.. Oldie but I hope you like it.


WHATSSSS UUPPP?! Released a new song with Darius Wolley! to tell you the truth, this song is flipping awesome! Havent had this much fun on a song in a loooong time! its also on iTunes!

The Kings

Decided to remix a couple Michael Jackson records with some friends.. Hopefully you guys enjoy! Special thank you to Joe Roman & Darius Wolley.


Hello again.. Check out G. Brunot’s new single produced by yours truly below!   Be sure to purchase G. Brunot’s album @ digital retailers every where!

New Independence – (The Making of Fireball)

Now Playing Niykee Heaton’s “Say Anything” demo… (Love the way the crickets sound in the background and the little mistakes in the guitar. 100% real emotion and sound texture). With that being said lets go back to last year. Im sitting in my bedroom and thinking about my story, the story of my friends &…

A Beautiful Crime

Whats up everyone?! Hope all is well. If you’re still checking up on the site, thank you! if not then…. That sucks. Back to the point. If you watched closely you would’ve have noticed a bunch of art in the video for “The Making of Dear Bridgeport”. Well believe it or not Bridgeport is filled…


Good day mates! Got a real treat for you today! I’d like to introduce you to Devours By Devan Victoria. Devan is a great friend of mine who makes some pretty awesome meals. Not only can she cook, but she throws some really cool dinner parties too. Check out some of Dev’s recipes below &…


Remember Darius Wolley? Well Here is! He recently released this for Valentines day and it sounds great. Unfortunately I missed the dead line for this but J Rob went nuts on it!! Make sure to buy it @ all your favorite digital stores! (iTunes, Google store, Amazon, etc.) Follow @DariusWolley on Twitter Follow @JRobOnTheTrack on…